Ultimate Fantasy armunukk Mia


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  • Extremely realistic love doll
  • Durable, movable body parts
  • Extremely soft skin – Fanta Flesh

Voluptous brunette beauty!
This full-sized love doll can hardly be distinguished from a real woman!
Mia has an extremely beautiful 3D face with fawn brown eyes, long lashes and luscious lips. Her skin is made out of high-quality Fanta Flesh material and feels incredibly realistic. Her vaginal, anal and oral openings are very authentic. Same goes for her sensuous labia. The voluptous brunette with the trendy pageboy hairstyle has a curvy silhouette with a cute tummy and plump thighs. Her big breasts are complemented by perfectly shaped nipples. Her detailed hands and feet know to impress and also have manicured nails. Mia’s entire body is movable thanks to a stainless steel skeleton inside. Bolts at the bottom of her feet make it possible that the doll can stand on her own. Includes a great variety of accessories:

• 1 x 120 ml Moist Body Lotion
• 1 x Refresh Toy Cleaner
• 1 x 31 ml Fanta Flesh Renewal Powder
• 1 x Cleansing Irrigator
• 1 x Rechargeable Heating Wand with USB Cable
• 1 x Lingerie Set
• 1 x White Cotton Gloves
• 2 x TPE Masturbation Sleeves/Vagina Inserts
• 1 x TPE Material Strip
• 1 x 1 Set of Replacement Press-On Nails

Size: 160 cm. Weight: 55.79 kg. Measurements: bust 104 cm, waist 76 cm, hips 94 cm. Clothing: M-L. Cup size: G. Shoe size (Euro) 38. Penetration depth vaginal = anal = oral 13 cm. Splash proof.