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Libesti jahutava toimega 300 ml-Satisfyer – Nurrume

Libesti jahutava toimega 300 ml-Satisfyer


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For a cool tingling thrill.

– Ideal for the Satisfyer Men
– Tingling cooling effect
– Water-based, superior lubrication
– Condom-friendly
– Oil & fat free

The Cooling lubricant is ideally suited to your Satisfyer Men, and ensures even more variety and excitement: the fascinating cooling effect allows you to explore completely new worlds of sensation and refreshes you in a whole new way. The lubricant can be used with all condoms, and is therefore also ideal for sex with a partner. The oil and grease-free medical lubricant is extremely skin-friendly and ensures long-lasting frictionlessness, meaning you can exploit your pleasurable sensations to the max. The 300 ml quantity will last you for a long time.

300 ml